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Have you ever seen discus eggs hatching?

Posted on 1:46 AM by WOW Discus Fish

Discus eggs will hatch within 48 hours if the water temperature is right. The fry will stay at the spawning site with the parents for an additional 12 hours. After that, the fry will be moved around the aquarium by their parents, and the parents will use different places to hide the fry in. If you keep up the water temperature your will have free swimming fry in the aquarium after approximately one week. Free swimming fry will need no extra food, because they will eat from the scales of their parents. The adult Discus will secrete baby-food from between their scales. This food will provide the fry with everything they need for about one week. After that, they will be large enough to eat more normal food and you can start feeding them newly hatched brine shrimp. anyway This is Really beautiful time! Enjoy.

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