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Aquarium for discus fish

Posted on 10:54 PM by WOW Discus Fish

It is original before the purchase of discus fish desirable to be determined in a quantity of fishes and to based on this select the reservoir of the suitable volume. It is possible to enter and differently — on the basis of the dimensions of the existing aquarium to calculate a maximum quantity of adult discus fish.According to the opinion of leading discus fish mans of peace the minimum standard of water to one adult discus fish must be 35-40 liters, but it is desirable 50 liters and more. To small small fish on the order of 5-6 cm it is sufficient 10-15 liters. But one ought not to forget that discus fish grow sufficiently rapidly (in the age of 12-15 months they reach its almost limiting value), and these inoffensive crumbs through will half a year require additional volume. Therefore there is sense to make immediately to the adult fishes (if you acquire not entirely fry, but adolescents 5-7- of monthly age).

In the case concerning the fry the matter proceeds somewhat otherwise: fry it is desirable to take 1.5-2 times more than the volume of aquarium is allowed (calculation for the already grown fishes). As this is not sad, but hardly all fry will reach adult state, if you do not have any sufficient experience for the withdrawal. Yes even from those, who will grow, not all will be painted it would in the manner that you like. However, in the consequence to help mount to the adult fishes still additionally of those of newly acquired undesirably.According to the numerous observations of professionals in the large volume of discus fish they grow perceptibly more rapidly, to say nothing of other advantages of large reservoir (first of all I would carry, by simple words, the stability of all basic parameters in the large aquarium: are less temperature differentials, drops in rN, is much more stable biomedium itself, about which the professionals, very rarely for some reason mention, reducing all manipulations for the care of discus fish in essence to the aqueous substitutions, to the maintenance of high temperature and cleanliness).

Reference: discus-fish-tips.com

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